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Hello!  Thank you so much for visiting my wedding planning blog.  I am SO excited to share this journey with anyone who is so kind to read it.  Who knows… maybe I’ll end up doing a wild career change and becoming a wedding planner through this process.  A girl can dream! 😉  I’d thought I would first share with you all of the funny things that ran through my head the day after we got engaged, and also show you that ONE thing I purchased immediately.  I couldn’t help myself.  And no, its not the dress!

My first wild thoughts as a newly engaged girl:

-Let’s get married in Maui.  No really, I’d love to incorporate SO many fun things for friends and family to do with us before the first day. Snorkeling, boat rides, and luaus… oh boy.  I’m going to be losing 30 pounds for the big day, anyway, right? Might as make good use of it while I’m bikini ready.

-Oh damn. I have to lose 30 pounds before the first day.

-I should go to Starbucks and grab some coffee and a muffin

-NO muffins. I think I’ll go low carb- that worked last time I was a bridesmaid

-At Starbucks eating a muffin.  I’ll start the diet tomorrow, because you know… today is kind of stressful with all this planning I have to start!

-I’m going to keep this wedding very simple.  Focus on the relationships and memories, and, of course the food.

-OMG and the flowers.  Look at this bouquet.  We’ll definitely include a budget for flowers.

-I need to pinpoint the color palette ASAP.  I wonder if Jerry likes rose-gold.

-Okay, I have three ideas for locations and I’m already exhausted.

-It just hit me.  We’ll have the wedding at Grandpa Kelly’s farm.  Like duh.  This will be perfect and amazing.

Okay girls out there planning there wedding, did you have this same meandering thought process?  I’m a rabbit, on a rabbit trail, that has had way too much double shot espresso.

And, drum roll please… The first purchase I made for my wedding day were these Valentino shoes.  I know, I know… slightly indulgent, a tad over the top.  But I love them, and just couldn’t help myself.  I actually bought them last night- 3 hours after Jerry proposed!  Eeek!  I have seen them all over wedding blogs, and the great thing about shoes is that… even if our wedding is simple, these ladies will add a pop of fun!


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