The Perfect List

The past few nights I have laid in bed just dreaming of this wedding thing. I literally cannot believe that this magical miracle is unfolding in my life.  Yes, people meet and fall in love all the time… but to meet someone so absolutely perfect, welp THAT doesn’t happen all the time.   Before I share with you the amazing progress I made on wedding planning today (ha-ha), let me take a moment to explain (aka gush) about how it is that Jerry is so perfect for me.

Last fall I sat in a women’s Bible study, surrounded by women who are well versed in this marriage thing, knee deep in diaper duty, and spend most of their time in carpools and grocery aisles.  They are all my dear friends, and they are all living the wifey dream.  To be honest, I was a bit depressed from time to time being the last single lady.  All these gals gave me the best advice, and encouraged me to live up this time that I had been given to be single and “conquer the world”. I think this meant they were a tad bit jealous that I could take a shower uninterrupted (I hear privacy diminishes quite dramatically in mommy land).  Still, it could be hard being surrounded by amazing friends who had amazing families and being the ONLY one who was still single.

One of these friends, Sarah, took me aside after our study and said she wanted to share something with me.  I’ll always remember what she did next- she opened her notebook, took a tattered sheet of paper out, and showed it to me.

It was a list, about twenty items long.  Sarah told me that one day she felt compelled to sit down and write out a list of all the things she was hoping to find in her future husband.  So she did!  She included everything from physical appearance to hobbies shared and faith values.   The amazing thing was, so many of the items were so in line with her husband Scott.  A few weren’t, but most actually were.

Sarah encouraged me to make my own “list”, not to be too overly specific on shallow things like must not have facial hair (that’s a big one for me, haha).  But to really define the values I wanted for myself in a man.

Then she encouraged me to pray over this list.

It was not six months later that I met Jerry.  And the crazy thing is,  he is EVERY SINGLE THING on my list (and more!).  I just can’t believe it…. with my crazy high ideals, my love for romance, and my long, long wait. That God provided someone so perfect for me just blows my mind.

I know your totally curious about my list now!  And while I don’t want to share it all publicly, I will say that Jerry has a crazy love of country music, an obsession for running that goes hand in hand with mine, a heart for family, a desire to serve his community (I mean he does this SO well!), a faith that can move mountains, and an adventurous spirit.  ALL of these things were on my list (and more).

Anyway, crazy story, but the point is to never, ever give up on love.

Now, what did I accomplish today?  Well we haven’t decided if we’ll get married this summer or next… but the one thing we did determine today is our first dance song (its a secret!).

I promise I’ll make more progress tomorrow. 😉