Wedding Color Palettes I Can Love

Let’s talk wedding colors here for a hot second.  I have to admit that I am so over that bright 90’s teal that still somehow makes an appearance at today’s weddings, and hot pink just ain’t my thing.  I was scouring pinterest today in search of amazing color palettes.  Let me first say that I am a girl who loves color, however I tend to navigate towards more neutral and earthy tones.  My home decor could best be described as inspired by nature and enhanced with color.  I painted one wall of my bedroom an eggplant shade and am just over the moon about it.  In my mind, a white canvas splashed with amazing, natural colors is the ultimate.

Since we are most likely getting married in the spring, I did a search for spring wedding colors.  I keep navigating between very muted and blush tones and more vibrant colors.  Here are a few of my favorites so far:


Ahh, spring romance.  I love the greens, grays, and blush pink.  So simple, so chic.


OMG I saw this one and just about died.  I love how natural and organic it feels, and I also love how there is very little pink involved, and yet it still feel so feminine.  I never envisioned blue for my wedding day, but I think I’ve been swayed.


Okay I think we are seeing a trend here… I am loving the blue!  But with this color palette, we’ve also got green, coral and gold.  And oh my does it work so well.  I’m just in love with how these colors go together.  So bold, yet still romantic and whimsical.


This green!  I think its safe to say I will be doing something non traditional for my wedding palette.  I love a slight pink hue accents it, but the main focus is definitely an ombre of green.  To die for.

Color, color, color!  You can see I will have some choices to make!  In the end I want the feel of our wedding to be natural and organic, but to also be slightly formal (so rustic is out).  Right now I’m loving the “In the Rain” palette, especially since we are having a spring wedding.  Flowers are the number one important detail to me, and from there we can easily accent with simple linens, calligraphy, and a few simple party favors.  I don’t want to go to over the top with decor, elegance is key!