Favorite Wedding Dresses

Our wedding dress adventure over the weekend was amazing, and I found the perfect dress!  It took an entire day (we were gone for 12 hours and ended the night with margaritas at Applebees- we had fun!).  There were so many amazing dresses I tried on, but in the end the girls and I compiled a list of wedding dress “must haves”.  These are different for everyone, but I thought I’d share my wedding dress must haves in case they are helpful/inspiring for other brides to be:

  1.  Your wedding dress must fit your personality.  What does that mean?  Well, its different for everyone, but if your dress personality from day to day is free flowing and bohemian, you probably won’t love a tight fitted mermaid style dress!  I’m not formal but I am fancy, so I love cute flirty dresses with a little bit of sophisticated.  So I personally was looking for a dress that was beautiful, fun and easy to wear.
  2. Your wedding dress must fit properly!  I tried on a myriad of dresses yesterday, and some were just not meant to be.  Even the most amazing tailor can’t custom fit a dress that just doesn’t go with your body type.  Ask your dress sales associate to help make suggestions for dresses that fit your body type!
  3. Your dress must be within budget.  The dress is probably one of the easiest things to blow your budget on because it is one of the first purchases you’ll make as a fiance, and it is one of the most fun.  Keep your budget in mind and be willing to try on similar styles by different designers in order to find the best fit and style for your buck.
  4. Your wedding dress must be event appropriate.  If you are getting in a barn, a formal sheath style might not be the best fit.  While there are no “rules”- you’ll want your dress to compliment your occasion in some way. Our wedding is outdoors with an antique indoor rustic reception, and I wanted my dress to reflect the adventuresome spirit of the day- so lets just say it is not tight fitting, and there’s plenty of room for frolick!
  5. And finally, your wedding dress must be a dress you LOVE. Don’t buy the dress mom loves, don’t listen to grandma or try to compromise.  This is your one chance to wear the wedding gown of your dreams, and while input from family is very valuable, be sure to stay true to your own dreams!

I can’t wait to share pictures of my dream dress once the big day has come and gone— for now its a secret, between me and my 12 closest ladies! 😉