My Good Intentions

Okay, so my best intention was to keep this blog updated and growing!  A resource of sorts for brides, and a journal for myself.  Well, we can all see how well I did with that!  Autumn just flew right by without me keeping track of all the amazing progress we’ve made on the wedding.  To my readers (all five of you, if you include Grams, I’m sure), I have to apologize.  But let’s just put one thing out there- wedding planning gets cray!  On top of keeping up with work, cultivating our relationship, keeping up with youth group and church, and implementing this amazing (read: amazingly intense) workout plan I’ve been doing, I’ve also had to find time to plan this wedding.

The good news is that things are shaping up more beautifully than I could have even imagined!  I am so excited to share that I hired my old schoolmate Kim of Swoon Floral Design to create our bouquets and centerpieces.  Her work is just out of this world beautiful.

We decided to focus on a rich color palette featuring an hombre of late autumn colors.  I’m envisioning golden shades of a sunset on the cusp of fall mixed with plum hues that hint of winter to come.  So browns, reds, plums, and a bit of orange and yellow are in!  Besides the food and photography, the floral is taking up a big portion of our budget, which I’m totally okay with.  In fact, if I end up with no other decor besides what Kim creates I might just be happy!

I have all kind of plans to blog this month.  I’m hoping to share our budget breakdown with some tips on allocating wedding funds, tips for creating a guest list, and why we decided to create a honey fund in lieu of traditional gifts.

Stay tuned and cheers to love!