Custom Arbor Set Up

Readers, friends…. future brides.  I am here to tell you to never underestimate the love and creativity of your very own family.

We’ve invested a lot into our wedding so far- from the dress, the flowers, the catering (look out world cuz we are going to have the best food you’ve ever tasted this side of the Rockies!).

From our spreadsheets to our budget tracking tools, we’ve been pretty thorough on toeing the budget line, however this month things just seemed to get overwhelming.  I was still hoping for a couple of custom built items, and of course I wanted a wedding cake, even if I was going to be the only one to divulge in it.

I was feeling a bit overwhelmed about it all, and at a family gathering last weekend not one but two of my amazing, creative and industrious relatives volunteered their talents for the big day!

The first is my amazing Aunt May, who can cook and bake like Martha Stewart. I’m not even joking (she’s an amazing quilter and seamstress as well).  She has volunteered to make ALL of the pies and the cake!  I can’t believe it and we are so grateful.  We know her creations will be even better than if we hired a baker!

One of my second huge dreams has been to have a custom arbor built as an arch for to say our vows under.  One of my grandfather’s oak trees blew down in the huge windstorm last February, and it has been my dream to take some of the wood and have a custom arbor created.  I can’t think of anything that would be more romantic or meaningful.

I was chatting on about this at our dinner, when my cousin popped in to drop off some supplies he had borrowed from my Dad.  He overheard me talking and said he would LOVE to be build an arbor from the old Oak tree!  This is the same tree whose branches we spent hours playing beneath as children.  I can’t believe his generosity of time and talent.  (You can check out his amazing resurfacing and repair business here!).

The amazing thing about my family is that I didn’t even ask for these things. My own family asked how wedding planning is going, and then they volunteer to just fill in the gaps by taking on these huge projects.

We are enormously blessed, and this wedding is coming together as a celebration of not only love, but the creativity, talent, and joy that Jerry and I share with so many!