I was always that little girl that DREAMED of her wedding day.   My sparkly pink journal had every  detail from the flowers to the cake mapped out, and I went through countless revisions while doodling the “perfect dress”.  I was convinced I would marry my sixth grade crush.  In my eyes, he was the perfect prince charming.  Today you’ll find him living in his parent’s basement job hopping with a partially finished degree (not kidding).

As a grown woman, I confess it hasn’t been much different.  While other women are self proclaimed shoe addicts, I will readily admit I am a love addict. I still daydream about weddings. Color palettes, party favors, the perfect toasts…A magical location, the bouquet, the type of dinner to be served…I have obsessed about all of it.

There has only been one little problem.

For 31 years, I have primarily been single.  Yes, there’s been those casual dates here and there, you know the blind date Aunt Marge sets up for you with an older fellow who ends up being close to retirement age.  Yeah… not so fun.  It wasn’t until my 29th birthday… that’s when I first laid eyes on him.

Before you think this is some sort of stalking blog… let me just say that this guy was the ONE and he fell for me as well.  Love at first site, as they call it.

We spotted each other in a coffee shop in our moderately small town.  I’d never seen him before, and he was in uniform… a cute cop!  I waited next to him as Starbucks served up our drinks, and he suddenly turned to me and asked me about, of all things… the weather! I’ll admit it was a little awkward, but what got even more awkward was when he asked me for my number.

The rest was history.  We’ve been dating for six months and Jerry surprised me with a ring on our six month anniversary, in the most perfect and romantic way possible.

This is long winded, but I know you love it, because if you are like me… you love a good love story.

So here I am, finally able to plan my own wedding.  The day I’ve dreamed of forever.  Time to dust off my old third grade notebooks, I guess… And, since we are now in the 21st century, I thought it would be amazing to share some of my wedding dreams and plans with you all.  That’s where this blog comes in.

Please check in regularly and follow along as I plan my dream wedding!


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